40 Best ideas for Limited Bathroom Storage: Affordable Creative Organization

Keeping the bathroom clean of the clutter can be a challenge, especially if you’ve got a tiny bathroom. You have to be creative about how to arrange the available space, and even use space you haven’t even thought of.

Some walls of the bathroom are left exposed and are never used to their full potential. There are many fixtures available that you can purchase to install on the wall that can help alleviate the problem of space that you may face. Some of them are very inexpensive, while others are more costly, so there is a bathroom part for all b`udgets. Including small fixtures, large storage furniture such as bathroom cabinets and vanity units can also be used.

Buying a towel holder where you can locate them near the sink or bath area is a great way to keep your towels at hand. It can be used as a single bar holder or as a double bar holder. All take up the same amount of space so a towel holder with two bars or rails is easier to go. To go on, you might want to buy one with a stand. It offers storage for two large towels, and smaller items such as your face wash or shaving products can be used in the refrigerator.

You may not want to show all of your personal items, especially if you have friends around you. A better option is to buy a cabinet for the bathroom wall that can be put above the sink or set in the bathroom corner. The room above the sink is a better option as usually there is only one mirror attached to the wall. You can buy a cabinet with a mirror already attached to the door of the cabinet. This allows you to still use the mirror and store your personal products within the cabinet.