Build Your Dream Bedroom

Of course, you may say you want to build your dream home, but what does that mean to you? Do you have an idea in your head or do you have more than 100 things that you need to go together in some way? There should be a lot of thinking going into this project. After all, this is your town, your refuge, and the place to flee, so it’s all about you!

Make a Plan

This is not really a venture you can go into without a schedule and see just how things turn out. If it’s going to be great to meet your needs and want, you’re going to need a strategy. Think about your space’s what you love doing. Is your bedroom just a spot to go to sleep or love reading or watching TV in there? Would you use it if you had a couch or an extra big bean bag? Need a vanity place to get ready in the morning instead of competing over the toilet with everyone else? How is the condition with your storage? If you don’t have enough closet space, you might be able to create extra shelving.

You also need to be practical when creating a list of needs and desires, and recognize your room and plan as well. There are online tools you can use to help you build a project or do the same job with a sketch pad and pencil. Be sure to look at doors, windows, beams, and anything else that can not be moved unless you plan a complete remodeling.


Positioning your bed properly can allow you to sleep better, be healthier and attract prosperity and love. The head of your bed always needs to be at a wall but never under a window or a beam and it should not line directly up with the door. It’s easiest to position your bed first and then everything else will fall into place.

Dresser, chests, desks and chairs should be placed in a way that balances a room. You should never have several tall items on one wall and then nothing on another and don’t be afraid to make use of corners with a corner desk, table, gel fireplace or simply turn your dresser on an angle.

Flooring and Lighting

Flooring is essentially a matter of personal preference. The bedroom has become increasingly popular with wood floors and laminates, and many can be done with underfloor heating. If you’ve got a couch, don’t think about spreading out another wide area rug on top so there’s a lot of contrast around the edges and a lot of extra space.

Lighting should not be a question afterwards. Quite often, a centerpiece of lighting will encourage a space. To achieve balance, use the lights or place your key light on a dimmer. You want your morning room to be light, but at night you want to sleep.

The Overall Look

This should be a picture of your personality as you incorporate bedding, curtains, wall accessories, etc. The possibilities are endless, from friendly to modern to retro to romantic. Spend some time shopping online before you customize your space to get an idea of what’s available.